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Welcome to Willow Lane Farms Goldendoodles!
Willowlane Farms is located on 10 acres only an hour and 15 minutes from Toronto. Our dogs have lots of freedom to play, exercise and to be well socialized. We specialize in dark red goldendoodles as well as deep rich brown goldendoodles. However the first requirement with all of our dogs is to have loving, mellow temperaments.

We provide goldendoodle puppies across North America as well as Europe. We have the first parti-golden doodle in the UK. As well we have doodles in Sweden and Holland. I love learning about colour genetics thus we have produced unusual sable, phantom and merle coloured golden doodles.

Willow Lane is also one of the first goldendoodle breeders to produce beautiful red and white parti-coloured goldendoodles as well as our brown and whites. We welcome visitors to come and see our beautiful canine family and let us help you pick one of our goldendoodles as your new family member. You are sure to love our goldendoodle puppies for sale!

In addition to our beautiful goldendoodles, we also have a unique fostering program that allows you to take home one of our wonderful golden retrievers or fantastic standard poodles. With our fostering program, we strive to provide breeding females with a loving and devoted family from the beginning. At Willowlane Farms, we do not believe in keeping a large number of dogs on our farm for breeding. We only want to have a small number of dogs that we can properly care for. Golden retrievers and standard poodles are devoted and social dogs that need attention from their owner. For this reason, we started the fostering program to ensure that these dogs get the attention and love that they deserve.

Contact Willowlane Farms and take home the newest addition to your family today!

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